Dance Classes


Hip Hop – Hip Hop is a broad dance category that includes a variety of styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, and more starting on the streets as early as the late 60’s. At TJD, we instruct a Jazzy Hip Hop class which we incorporate the energetic form of Jazz dance into Hip Hop. This allows dancers the opportunity to learn a wide range of movement styles. We also love to PLAY! Coaching dancers through exercises in how to create their own moves and add their own “flare” and “swagger” to dance! Dancers will learn the fundamentals of Hip Hop set to funky beats, high-energy beats. Guaranteed to leave sweaty and smiling!!!

Jazz Dance – . A FUN, high-energy class, highly recommended! Besides Hip Hop, JAZZ is Miss Angela’s first Love. Jazz is a high-energy genre with a low center of gravity that has been strongly tied to the technical aspects of Ballet. Kids will learn Jazz dance basics (incorporating a bit of other styles as well!) and as they develop start to learn Jumps, Leaps, Turns and more challenging Combinations.

Jazz/Musical Theatre Fusion – Jazz Dance and Singing! Could it get any better? Kids are introduced to the Basics of Jazz Dance incorporating Musical Theatre tunes as well, think Abba, Mama Mia and Dirty Dancing! Other genres such as Hip Hop will be infused as well, for a variety of experience and challenge!
(1 year of Jazz or Ballet experience in the past 2 years required)

Jazz/Ballet Combo – The best of both worlds! Jazz /Ballet focuses on the technique, high-energy music and moves of Jazz and incorporates the technique and basic of Ballet dance. Great for the dancer looking to explore both genres and choose a genre that resonates strongly (or maybe both!) for future development.

Tap Dance – “We’ve got rhythm, who could ask for anything more!” Tap dance allows the dancer to make music with their very own FEET as the instrument! TAP classes will introduce dancers to tap terminology, practice tap moves in isolation down the room and finally combine the moves for fun combinations. Tap highly develops rhythm and a terrific sense of timing. Many of the basic Jazz dance moves are incorporated into Tap dance and choreography. Dancers GUARANTEED to leave “Tappy”

CREATIVE MOVERS N’ SHAKERS – A Fun and Creative Celebration of Movement that embraces a child’s natural desire to imagine, move and play! Children will be introduced to the wonders of DANCE and MOVEMENT through a combination of Mimicking, Interpretive Movement and introduction to basic dance moves. Visuals, Props and Music will be used to enhance the learning experience. Students will be introduced to the basics of dance in Jazz, Ballet and Creative Dance. A perfect class to preface a child’s first jazz, ballet or tap experience! Appropriate for boys and girls!