November 2015 News/Reminders

Thank you for taking the time to read our November News and Reminders!


• Dance Clothing – Please remember kids are required to sport Exercise attire for all classes. Refrain from Jeans, long sleeve shirts and sweaters during class. All hair that is long enough must be up and out of the face. For classes that require runners, please make sure shoes have treads on the bottom for safety of the dancers to avoid slipping.

• Water bottles  – We have some extra water bottles! If you have a missing one, please pick them up, they are outside in the Hallway of the Civic Centre.

Upcoming Events/Classes

Nov. 24th & 25th – Parent-Watching Week

Come out and watch a Dance class this week – See your child SPARKLE AND SHINE!
Parent-Week Observer Do’s and Don’ts

Talk during class – this can distract the entire class!

Use your cell phone – give our Dancer’s your attention!


Show the class your beautiful Smile! 

Bring younger siblings!

Honor younger siblings whose attention span is dwindling by taking breaks outside the class

Bring family friends

Clap and encourage!
Attend! This is a wonderful opportunity for kids of all ages to get used to performing for an audience
Dance Moms Ladies Jazz Wednesday Nights with Miss Angela!


You could be the women from the above Staples commercial dance! (LOL – seriously a great commercial)

Come check out this FUN, light-hearted
Jazz class, great workout, All experience levels Welcome!


Register for 5 sessions (until Dec. 16th) for $60
Drop-in’s $15! Hope to see you there.
Snow Snow Snow!


It’s Coming, we all KNOW it!

If it is ever too stormy for our instructors to drive in from Saskatoon, we will cancel class.

We will inform you that day as soon as we can via EMAIL.

On snowy days, please keep posted to your email!
Christmas is Coming Up!


Final Week of Class will be the week of December 15th

We will start up classes again on Tues, Jan. 5th! All classes will be working on Recital choreography in the New Year!

For the Love of Dance,

The Joyous Dance