Hi Joyous Mom’s & Pops!

Hope your kids are enjoying their dancing classes
so far.
Please send along your feedback!
We are excited to be hosting Bring a Friend
Weeks for the next 2 weeks!
We think it would be fun for the Kids and also
encourage a few more kids to join a few of our lower registrant classes!
Ground Rules for the Fun!
  • One friend per child
  • Friend does NOT have to participate, can watch and participate as she/he pleases 🙂 
  • Proper shoes/attire for the joiner NOT required 
Any interested class joiners that want to Register can contact me
after via phone 341-2936!
In order to guarantee/hold their spot, I must receive appropriate payment FIRST which I can discuss with interested joiners.  
Following are the classes that will participate:
1. Mon Hip Hop Miss Kaylee 5-545 pm
2. Mon Hip Hop Miss Kaylee 6-6:45
3.  Tues Ballet/Lyrical Miss Kayla
4. Tues Jazz/Tap Miss Kaitlyn
5. Wed Jazz Miss Kayla 5-545 PM
6. Wed Creative Miss Kayla 6-630
Please note for Monday Hip Hop Thanksgiving
will be cancelled so 2nd Friend Week will be Oct. 17th.
All the Teachers and Myself are really excited about this!